Physio with Erol Umut

Having lived with chronic pain for several years as a result of accumulative functional problems, my quality of life had diminished entirely. I have been seeing Erol for several months now, and he has helped me get my life back on track. I am constantly improving, and am now able to participate in more functional activities than ever before – while simultaneously regaining the ability to live a life that does not revolve around pain.

In addition to hands-on physical therapy, Erol has been an excellent support system, guiding me through the process of rehabilitation. His expertise and professionalism are second to none. I am forever grateful, and cannot recommend him enough.

by Tarkan

Caroline Wright – A huge success!

The patient was very impatient about needing to see the physiotherapist of his wife’s choice. However the introduction to Caroline Wright was a huge success. Alternative exercises to the ones already received and understanding the problems manifested by a serious back operation meant that all was well. Caroline was a great listener, an enthusiastic innovator of different ideas and techniques, she also was kind enough to visit the private home when both day and times were challenging. Everything could not have worked better.
Thank you very much. Alexandra Taylor.

March 2017

by Alexandra Taylor

Review of Lucy Mitchell

After many sporting injuries and a number of operations, I really needed to find the right Physio who could get me back into shape and thankfully I was recommended Lucy Mitchell. Lucy has helped me from start to finish, with many different ailments from acupuncture to rehab after an ACL reconstruction. She is always fun, positive and very professional making sure she gets to the bottom of any issue. I couldn’t recommend or thank her enough.  Nina 06/10/2016

by Nina

Spot on diagnosis – Caroline

Well before I received the results of the MRI scan, Caroline suggested that my knee problems may partly be the result of the stiffness in my hips. Her professional diagnosis was spot on. She had already given me a set of easy to follow exercises to build up muscle strength and increase flexibility when the consultant recommended Physiotherapy to address the symptoms of the bilateral osteoarthritis and iliopsoas tendinopathy in the hips. Caroline’s enthusiasm and positive outlook are incredibly motivating and transform potentially boring exercise reps into something more uplifting: her ‘Marilyn Monroe’ has certainly improved my hip flexibility.


by Sabrina Crafton

Caroline Wright and the Kensington physio team are excellent!

My entire experience with this physio clinic is great! You will be in good hands. Book a session to see for yourself!

The ladies at reception are always very friendly and fast in responding to any queries.

My physio therapist Caroline is simply the best one I ever had. Very experienced, gives good tips and exercises. She really listens to you and adapts the exercises to your lifestyle. What I really like is that she gave me achievable goals at the beginning which were not too difficult and did not put me off. This kept me motivated. She alters the exercises and adapts them to my improved condition. I really feel a big difference which is the main thing. I can highly recommend her!

by L.S.

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