Amazing Physio – Annabel Gatjen

Annabel is great and helped relieved back and shoulder pain immediately. She is efficient, effective and. very friendly. I would highly recommend her: exceptional treatment!

by Margaux

Great for dancers – Annabel H

I took my daughter to see Annabel about her heel pain which had been stopping her participating in her ballet for the last 6 weeks. Annabel diagnosed the problem, gave her strategies to return to class and a clear timeline for recovery. She also contacted our ballet teacher, which was very helpful as it meant everyone was on the same page in regards to management. Annabel had instant rapport with my teenage daughter (I think she may even do her exercises this time!) and I would recommend her to any parents of dancers.

by Helen B

Low back pain – Zsofia Olah

I saw Zsofia in the Russell Gardens clinic after I hurt my back running up a flight of stairs. I’ve never really had trouble with my back before, however this pain was severe. I was struggling to walk and I was extremely worried. I was able to book in to see Zsofia the next morning. She had a very thorough discussion with me and then examined me physically. She explained why she was asking me certain questions, what the answers I was giving meant and then was able to tell me what it was that was going on with my back. She really put my mind at ease and explained that I had irritated one of the joints in my back and that the pain would settle over the next week or so. She did some excellent treatment and gave me some really helpful movements to do that eased my pain and gave me the confidence to keep moving. After 1 week I am now walking around without pain and my exercises continue to help.

The way Zsofia explained everything to me and helped me to understand what was going on helped me to relax and not worry. I couldn’t recommend her more highly and am looking forward to seeing her for my session this week.

by Craig G

Shoulder Pain – Annabel H

I saw Annabel for assessment and treatment of my chronic shoulder pain. Having seen multiple physios over the last 6 months with no relief, I was sceptical, but Annabel took the time to really investigate the source of my pain. She released and taped my shoulder which gave me immediate relief and started me on some exercises directly addressing the problem. I would highly recommend Annabel for anyone with shoulder pain.

by Nathan G.

Back and shoulder pain – Annika Williams

I have been seeing Annika for 6 months with chronic back and shoulder pain. She has helped me with both immensely. Always professional and truly cares for her patients problems.

Would certainly recommend her!

by Axel

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