Broken arm – Annika Williams

After painful surgery to stabilise the bones in my broken upper arm, Annika was endlessly encouraging and sympathetic – while pushing me beyond my pain threshhold! Slowly most movement and strength were restored and the outcome has been far better than expected. Thank you for being so determined!

by Julia

Neck pain – Annabel

First of all I want to say thank you for helping me so quickly! I am planning my wedding at the moment and constantly kept getting headaches until a friend recommended Annabel. I was able to get an appointment the same day and I felt very welcomed and in good hands straight away. Annabels warmness and ‘magic hands’ like I call them now took away a lot of pressure of my shoulders and my head. I am now looking forward to my wedding again and will keep working on my posture! Looking forward to every session with you. THANK YOU!

by Sarah D.

Great Treatment with Kirsten Laurence

I went to see Kirsten at Kensington Physio at the Notting Hill clinic for my knee pain and was very impressed with her service. I’ve been to other physiotherapists before and I felt like they just gave me exercises. Kirsten took the time to go through the anatomy with me so I could understand what the source of my knee pain was. Highly recommend!!

by Elyse Rowe

Superb treatment from Lauren

Lauren Wolfe has totally sorted me out. No more back and shoulder pain thanks to a combination of massage, acupuncture and a set of exercises I can stick to. Great physio, thoroughly recommended.

by Alice Burnett

Epicondylitis – Lauren Wolfe

I had a strong right-arm epicondylitis that left me unable to lift any form of weight, I could not exercise, at some point I started having problems even using the mobile phone and the keyboard at work. I had done infiltrations (antibiotics etc) in the past but they did not solve the problem. The situation was deteriorating week by week and was getting very serious.
Lauren completely solved the problem with 5 sessions of physiotherapy. Excellent!

by G. Montano

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