Kensington Physio – Annabel Gatjen

Annabel has helped me tremendously with my recovery pre and post hip surgery providing a wealth of knowledge, physio, exercise and advise to get back on track. Not only has she helped me physically but mentally too. I’ve been going to Kensington Physio for over year and I can’t imagine going anywhere else. Annabel is highly skilled and has always been professional yet very welcoming. During our sessions she picked up that I suffer from a stiff jaw which she also specialises in! At the time, I was suffering terribly and after only two sessions she really helped me release the tension and gave me exercises do on my own. I can’t praise Annabel enough for what she does.

by Lauren Fleet

Laura for back pain

I recommend Kensington Physio for their professionalism. My physiotherapist was Laura, who was able to find the root of my lower back pain after a careful assessment of my movements. I was surprised by her capability to diagnose the issue, and to simply explain to me where the pain was coming from.

by Christopher M.

Zsofia – BEST physio in London

After experiencing the worst of the worst of London physio`s, I honestly thought I would never find relief for my lower back pain.
Zsofia saved my life! She was very experienced and was able to diagnose quickly and accurately. She put me on the best path to recovery, and under her direction I noticed a dramatic difference quicker than I thought possible.
She is such a pleasure to meet with, always friendly and professional, and always optimistic. Her directions and plans are clear and achievable, and more importantly, get results. I am so happy with my progress under her direction, and so happy to have my life back to normal.
I would highly recommend Zsofia to anyone who is looking for a dedicated and professional physio.

by Ashley

Knee replacement – Zsofia

Dear Sir
I would like to thank Zsofia for all her help!
I was most impressed by her professionalism.
I would not have recovered as quick as I did without her expertise.
Zsofia is hands on and makes you work. She is charming and friendly!
Thank you, Diem

by H. E. Diem

Thank you Laura!

I went to Kensington physio due to my neck pain and headache that caused me a lot of discomfort while driving and sleeping. Laura resolved my problem in few sessions and I can finally sleep without discomfort! Thank you!

by Federica

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