Lymphatic Drainage AND best massage ever with Bevan

I struggled finding someone who does Lymphatic Drainage, as it seems not to be so common in England. After knee surgery, I had massive swelling that didn’t want to go down and the lymphatic drainage helped me a lot to be able to increase my range of movement. Thank you Bevan

by Sara L

Thanks to Mark!

Big thanks to Mark. Great guy and Physiotherapist. Very high knowledge! Helped me with a lower back issue I have been dealing with for over a year. Can’t recommend him enough.

by Jim Thomson

Thank You Erol

I was referred to Erol by my consultant following a very bad ankle ligament injury. My consultant was very confident that if anyone could get me back walking and enjoying my hobbies it would be Erol.

He was so right.

His knowledge, personality and depth of understanding of the human body is one of the best I have experienced.

I cannot thank him enough for his care and speed in which he has got me back virtually better than I was before I got Injured.

Thank you Erol

by Mr Zhiliang Li


I visited Martin following an ankle injury playing football. Martin examined my stability, not just at the ankle, but at the whole lower body – I have had an ACL reconstruction previously. Martin looks at the whole patient and their lifestyle, not just a small part of the body. In addition, he has also provided breathing exercises to help with my warmups before exercise, as I am asthmatic – these have helped significantly with cardiovascular exercise. I would recommend Martin’s services for sports injury recovery.


by Stuart Fordyce

Martin – Kensington Physio

I would happily recommend Martin! I saw him for a long term neck problem that started over five years ago which I had just accepted was a ‘part of me’ and would never get better. It related to an old back injury I did not manage well; I was very stressed, chained at my desk for too long, didn’t exercise/sleep well and was having regular headaches – was in a bit of a mess! Martin helped guide me towards a pain free path which involved hands on treatment, a lot of discussion and changing my old habits/beliefs as well as starting a group of exercises that progressed at my pace to get me to where I wanted to be. Martin showed patience (I would lapse with my exercises and overdo it on breaks from work), we had a laugh and also put my faith back in physio after a couple of bad experiences in the past. In the nicest way possible, I hope I don’t need him again. Thanks very much!

by Elaine Finn

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