Thank You Martin

My lower back had been giving me pain for years after too much running and cycling. Martin was amazing, after a fairly intensive checkup he was able to diagnose a number of weak muscles which were the root cause of the issue. After giving me a stretching and exercise routine the pain gradually subsided after a few weeks. It’s changed my approach to exercise and has allowed me to have uninterrupted sleep once more. I couldn’t recommend Martin enough, a true professional who has an innate understanding of his work as a physio.

by Adam Hawkins

Thank you Lauren!! amazingly skilled Physiotherapist who helped me recover fast

Before visiting Lauren at Evolve South Kensington, I suffered from pain with every step due to hip and knee injuries. Lauren helped me regain my strength and recover fast. She was attentive and extremely helpful in tethering a recovery plan around my aspirations to get back to exercise as soon as was possible. Greatly recommended!

by Enass Abo-Hamed

Thank you Laura

I do feel much better thank you completely healed ! I’ll see how I go if anything feels weird I’ll definitely book in again to see you thank you.

You helped me so much Laura !

by Anya

Zsofia is fantastic

I first saw Zsofia in the grip of acute pain shooting down my leg that a night in A&E and a GP visit did nothing to demystify. She very quickly identified the issue – sciatica – and gave me confidence that I’d be walking and sitting like a normal person again. Sure enough, after a few visits and thoughtfully designed “homework” I was.

I can’t overstate how excellent she was – calm, knowledgeable and warm. Thank you

by Evelina

Thank You Erol

Following a major ankle injury and ‘hobbling’ around in a boot and crutches for over 4 weeks, Erol quickly removed my boot and taught me to walk again without any aids in 2 weeks. He quickly called my consultant and presented his reasoning for which the specialist agreed with him. His knowledge, care and application to treatment and advice is better than what I have heard and recommended prior to meeting him. I owe you and Thank you.

by Dom Grainger

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