Amazing Aaron – Sports Rehab Massage

Booked an appointment to see Aaron about a rather unstable knee. He quickly diagnosed it as plantar fasciitis in the opposite foot. He worked on the misbehaving muscle and also worked up into the calf which was also contributing to the issue. I left feeling real relief, strapped and armed with exercises to aid improvement and recovery.
Aaron really knows his stuff and works in a really professional manner putting you at ease super quickly.

by Clare de Brett

Running Injury – Annabel my hero!

I was recommended to the Physio team at Kensington Physio by a work colleague and I'm so glad she did. Annabel has worked wonders on an incredibly painful runner's injury starting in my ankle.
I could barely walk at my first appointment, and the difference in just one session was amazing.
Over the last 8 week's my pain has completely disappeared, and we have moved towards recovery and how to manage my running / stride. Annabel's application of acupuncture, massage and guidance on my stride and exercises has been incredibly effective.
The advise and therapy has been second to none…..I'll almost be sad to be fully healed 🙂

by Jane Buckley

Neck and shoulder problems – Annabel Gätjen

I had a massive dental surgery in 2016 which led to even more procedures over the course of a whole year. After developing severe neck and shoulder pain due to the constant tooth ache, my dentist recommended Physiotherapy. I met Annabel and after going over my whole history she recommended working on the tightness of my jaw. In the beginning I was a bit anxious as this was the area which caused all the problems in my shoulder and neck area. But Annabel’s sensible approach helped me to relax and open up to therapy. After only a couple of sessions with her I started to feel better and my whole upper body became more loose and flexibel. Ever since then I work with Annabel on a weekly basis with a combination of exercises, manual therapy and massages to keep my strength and flexibility. Annabel often keeps me going when I am about to give up and I absolutely admire her flexibility and professionalism to respond to my every need. I cannot recommend Annabel enough – thank you!

by Anne

Physio for lower back pain and stiff neck by Annika Williams

I was recommended to Annika by my orthopaedic consultant for physiotherapy on my lower pain and neck. Our sessions included stretches using the foam roller, bridges band and Pilates ring; massage and therapy. Annika is incredibly knowledgeable, professional and encouraging. Within a couple of months my lower back pain was gone, my core had strengthened and Annika has equipped me with a plethora of stretches and core exercises that I can do at home.

I cannot recommend Annika enough!
Thank you Annika

by Daniel Callaghan

Annika – the best physio I have ever used

I had a knee cartilage operation and my surgeon (Andrew Davies at the Fortius Clinic – Excellent) recommended that I had physiotherapy to restore strength to my muscles subsequent to the operation. I told him that I had visited Kensington Physiotherapy and Annika Williams had helped me with other injuries in the past. He said he knew Annika and that she was very good so I should contact her for the post-op therapy.

I got in touch and Annika took me through a series of exercises to restore the muscle tissue in my leg. She was superb and had just the right balance of encouragement and education about what she was getting me to do and how it would all work. My guess is that most people want to know something about the mechanics of how their exercises will work with the healing process and Annika explained everything succinctly and clearly. She pushed me just enough but never, ever too far and I felt as though my (complete) recovery happened as fast as it could without any strain or discomfort.

Annika is knowledgeable, assiduous and good fun. She is also warm and welcoming and so the sessions passed in the blink of an eye and about five weeks later, I was almost 100% back to normal. I went back for a couple of sessions a few months later when I had overdone the exercise a bit and she helped me recalibrate things and gave me advice on how to maintain my knee in the best shape. That was almost six months ago now. I cover 3-5 miles every day and have no problems.

Many thanks Annika – you are a great physio!

by Quintin Price

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