I would highly recommend Zsofia!

I saw Zsofia after injuring my IT band during training. She carefully examined the injury, explained why it happened and put me on the right track to getting strength and mobility back. Zsofia is very positive and was able to provide in depth answers to all of my questions during my sessions with her. I’ve seen marked improvement in my knee and am better equipped to deal with any re-occurrences. I would highly recommend Zsofia!

by Dylan

Knackered Knees! – Annabel Gatjen

I saw Annabel after injuring my knee while training for a half marathon. She not only helped me recover from the injury but made sure the muscle balance in my legs improved so that I wouldn’t do it again! She was so friendly that I barely noticed the pain from the treatment!
Thanks so much Annabel!

by Frederick Stourton

Annabel Hawker is amazing !

I came to visit Annabel Hawker  when I had a strong lower back pain. I made the appointment on a Saturday morning for the same day when I couldn’t move at all. Since then, my back has been improving quite a lot. I have had around 4 session with her, where she has explained to me what kind of exercises are good for me and answering all my doubts so kindly. Finally, my back is fully recovered from the strong pain thanks to her wonderful hands and advise! I strongly recommend her!

by Laura

Amazing Physio – Annabel Gatjen

Annabel is great and helped relieved back and shoulder pain immediately. She is efficient, effective and. very friendly. I would highly recommend her: exceptional treatment!

by Margaux

Great for dancers – Annabel H

I took my daughter to see Annabel about her heel pain which had been stopping her participating in her ballet for the last 6 weeks. Annabel diagnosed the problem, gave her strategies to return to class and a clear timeline for recovery. She also contacted our ballet teacher, which was very helpful as it meant everyone was on the same page in regards to management. Annabel had instant rapport with my teenage daughter (I think she may even do her exercises this time!) and I would recommend her to any parents of dancers.

by Helen B

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