The best in the business! Erol Umut

I play professional football in USA and have flown over specially to see Erol twice for 2 different issues. I had seen a numerous clinical specialists but could not get back to training and matches.

Both times he had me back pain free with strategies and exercises to avoid further issues.

Very understanding, knowledgeable and respectable in his field. I cannot thank him enough

by J Barden

Annabel Hawker is amazing !

I came to visit Annabel Hawker  when I had a strong lower back pain. I made the appointment on a Saturday morning for the same day when I couldn’t move at all. Since then, my back has been improving quite a lot. I have had around 4 session with her, where she has explained to me what kind of exercises are good for me and answering all my doubts so kindly. Finally, my back is fully recovered from the strong pain thanks to her wonderful hands and advise! I strongly recommend her!

by Laura

Great for dancers – Annabel H

I took my daughter to see Annabel about her heel pain which had been stopping her participating in her ballet for the last 6 weeks. Annabel diagnosed the problem, gave her strategies to return to class and a clear timeline for recovery. She also contacted our ballet teacher, which was very helpful as it meant everyone was on the same page in regards to management. Annabel had instant rapport with my teenage daughter (I think she may even do her exercises this time!) and I would recommend her to any parents of dancers.

by Helen B

Shoulder Pain – Annabel H

I saw Annabel for assessment and treatment of my chronic shoulder pain. Having seen multiple physios over the last 6 months with no relief, I was sceptical, but Annabel took the time to really investigate the source of my pain. She released and taped my shoulder which gave me immediate relief and started me on some exercises directly addressing the problem. I would highly recommend Annabel for anyone with shoulder pain.

by Nathan G.

Neck pain – Annabel

First of all I want to say thank you for helping me so quickly! I am planning my wedding at the moment and constantly kept getting headaches until a friend recommended Annabel. I was able to get an appointment the same day and I felt very welcomed and in good hands straight away. Annabels warmness and ‘magic hands’ like I call them now took away a lot of pressure of my shoulders and my head. I am now looking forward to my wedding again and will keep working on my posture! Looking forward to every session with you. THANK YOU!

by Sarah D.

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