Superb treatment from Lauren

Lauren Wolfe has totally sorted me out. No more back and shoulder pain thanks to a combination of massage, acupuncture and a set of exercises I can stick to. Great physio, thoroughly recommended.

by Alice Burnett

Epicondylitis – Lauren Wolfe

I had a strong right-arm epicondylitis that left me unable to lift any form of weight, I could not exercise, at some point I started having problems even using the mobile phone and the keyboard at work. I had done infiltrations (antibiotics etc) in the past but they did not solve the problem. The situation was deteriorating week by week and was getting very serious.
Lauren completely solved the problem with 5 sessions of physiotherapy. Excellent!

by G. Montano

Caroline is a great physiotherapist!

Caroline has great empathy and compassion, which are two qualities that are not always as evident as they might be in physiotherapy. This enables her to understand her patient and what treatment might best suit them. Caroline is a great physiotherapist and her experience and professionalism are most impressive.

by D Manderson

Foot pain – Lauren Wolfe

Lauren is amazing…she gave me excellent treatment on my foot which has prevented me from running. Great combination of hands on as well as the right exercises for me to do and some advice to prevent it returning.
Brilliant location and professional, friendly care.

by Eduardo

Back pain cured by Caroline Wright

I swear by Caroline as a physio. I battled for ages to find a Physio that could fix my back issues and within 2 sessions I was already fixed. She is excellent at what she does and I suggest her to everyone I know. Not only has she helped me by treating my neck and back but she has excellent advice as to how to look after the areas on your own. She is the best Physio I have ever come across

by Angus

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