Full location information on Kensington Physio in LycaHealth, Orpington can be found below.

LycaHealth Orpington


  • Physiotherapy initial appointment  (45 minutes): £70
  • Physiotherapy follow up (30 minutes): £65
  • Physiotherapy follow up (45 minutes): £95
  • Physiotherapy follow up (60 minutes): £120
  • We also offer packages of 4 and 6 follow up sessions – please call for details and prices.
  • Sport massage 60 minutes: £65
  • Sport massage 30 minutes: £45
  • Sport massage 60 min packages – includes 6 massages: £330
  • Sport massage 30 minutes package – includes 6 massages: £240
  • Acupuncture initial appointment (45 minutes): £50
  • Acupuncture follow up session (30 minutes): £50

Get in touch

If you prefer to call or email us:
Tel: 020 7603 0040 | Email: info@kenphysio.com

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