Pilates Timetable – Russell Gardens, Kensington, London, W14 8EZ

9am - Group Class8.30am - Group9am - One on One9am - One on One8.30am - Group Class
10am - One on One10am - One on One10am - Group10am - One on One10am - One on One
11am - One on One11am - One on One11am - One on One11am - One on One11am - One on One
12pm - One on One12pm - One on One12pm - One on One
 6pm - One on One
 7pm - Group Class

Please note: All one-on-one sessions can be shared with one other person if you bring someone to share the session with. We can also be flexible with timings so if the above are not convenient then please contact us and we will see what we can do.

“I had such a great time in Pilates – I improved so much I even impressed myself.”
M.Cecile-Lacan, Client

A unique blend of functional training exercises, Pilates and Yoga are aimed at getting you back to your peak condition. Throughout classes and your journey, you will be screened, rehabilitated and constantly monitored to help you recover at a pace that suits you.

This exercise programme is tailored to your individual needs and improves the health of your whole body. KP Core Ready addresses movement patterns, coordination, flexibility, spinal endurance and total body strength.

The programme has been used to treat patients suffering from back pain, patellofemoral joint pain, SIJ pain, and ITB friction syndrome to name but a few. It has also been used to help some of our more elderly patients regain confidence in movement and improve strength.

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