Physiotherapy with Lauren Wolfe

I highly recommend this skilled and friendly young woman. She is thorough, insightful, and dedicated to helping her patients achieve full health.

by Philippa Juul

Physio Appointment with Lauren Wolfe

Lauren Wolfe is amazing, I’d highly recommend her. She asked very simple yet precise questions and made me feel very relaxed whilst taking care of my neck problem. Super friendly and competent, I’ll definitely be going again (hopefully not too soon! haha).

by Kevin

Knee treatment with Kirsten

Kirsten was great! Professional, friendly, able to diagnose the problem with my knee and get me back walking painfree.

by Nigel Booker

Erol – WOW

I was recommended by a friend to see Erol for my back pain that was stopping me doing everything. It had stopped me going to the gym and I was finding work very difficult. 3 sessions later I am now completely pain free and have returned to the gym. His manual skills and his knowledge are the best I have ever seen. Thank you Erol – I owe you!

by M Cafiero

Annabel Hawker

What a delight to have Annabel work on my severe back pain – a professional of high level and standards, with an ease of personal interaction that was warm and non-intrusive. She engaged me in my own healing with realistic exercises that were possible as well as challenging. She was generous in responding to my other questions with regard to posture and knee strengthening, seeing it as part of the whole healing process of back health and ongoing care. She would make a good physio teacher, but you would not want to lose her from her excellent hands-on with patients. Highly recommended.
Thank you so much

by Maureen Cusick

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