Thanks Lauren!

Lauren was incredibly professional, compassionate and personable and sorted my upper back pain out enabling me to get back to swimming training in no time. I would highly recommend Lauren, thank you!

by Grant

Back on my training, riding and life

I could not recommend Laura more.
I have a bulging disc and a lower back pain situation which escalated to a bad episode in December 2017. Laura has been unbelievably helpful not only during the sessions but also in teaching me how to take care of it on a daily basis, until I was ready to weight lift again. She checked the progresses I have been made and suggested further improvements. She has been meticulously checking my muscles development and got me to the point I am fully back on heavy weight lifting, riding my motorbike and not feeling any pain, stiffness or anything at all. She’d be the very first therapist I would go back in case I had another episode. 100% trust.

by Giulia Cirina

Thank You Laura

Thank you so much Laura, You got me back on my feet so much faster than I would ever have thought possible after my ankle surgery! Such a friendly and professional manner, I don’t know what I would have done without you!

by Jonathan long

Great Laura

I went to Kensington Physio due to the sprain of my ankle ligaments.
I found all the team very professional and I ended the treatments with Laura. She has been very helpful and super professional; her work allowed me to go back in running sooner than expected. I would definitely suggest her

by Francesca

Thank you Laura!

I went to Kensington Physio due to my lower back pain. I started the physiotherapy sessions with Laura and I am very satisfied with the results obtained. I would certainly recommend the clinic and Laura Taurasi. She helped me get back to my daily activities and go back to the gym.
Thank you again!!

by Tullia Vitturi

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