Do you have employees off work due to back, neck and work related injuries?

Here at Kensington Physio we have a number of highly skilled physiotherapists who are experienced in performing specialised ‘workstation assessments’ (WSA)  for employees. In particular for those individuals who may be suffering neck, arm or back pain.

How much does it cost your company each year?

In 2014 8.3 million days were taken off work due to Musculoskeletal disorders

Are you doing anything about it?

If not Kensington Physio & Sports Medicine offer workstation assessments to ensure that your employees are sitting correctly at their desk and will make recommendations to help you and your employees reduce the risk of long term absence.

Kensington Physio offer:

  • On site assessment of your staff at their work stations
  • A clear diagnosis of any areas of concern
  • Actionable recommendations for improvement

The benefits to your company:

  • Cost saving due to time off work
  • Less likely hood of long term absence

The benefits to your employee:

  • Reduced risk of pain or injury at work

‘….satisfaction that your staff are being looked after….’


We will provide a comprehensive report for the Human Resources Manager or Occupational Health Advisor of the company who can then action any changes required.

It is highly recommended that a WSA is performed as part of a general occupational health check at any company where employees are regularly sitting for prolonged periods. For those symptoms that fail to respond once the set up has been corrected then additional physiotherapy treatment may be beneficial.

Occupational Health at work has an important role to play in the welfare of company employees and correct management of musculoskeletal injuries should really be a priority.


For more information about our ergonomic/workstation assessments or the Physiotherapists role in occupational health, please contact 02076030040 or

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