Our Guide To Improving Your Well-Being

Our team of experts at Kensington Physio are dedicated to improving both the mental and physical health or our patients. As part of this, we focus on aftercare and exercises that we recommend between sessions to help with recovery from ailments and injuries.

Here, you can find all of our practical health and fitness resources to guide you through different ways to help your well-being, based on your own personal needs. These include everything from broken ankles and back pain to headaches and jaw ache, which can be a sign of tension.

If you have any queries or would like to enquire about booking a session, such as a sports massage, please call us on 020 7603 0040. Where possible, we aim to offer same day appointments.

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The benefits of good health

Many people lead busy and often stressful lives, so it’s important to consider personal health and well-being as a priority. When we’re healthy and are taking care of ourselves, we’re better able to deal with challenges ahead.

Exercise is a vital aspect of well-being; exercise burns fat, releases endorphins and helps to reduce stress and anxiety. It can also improve an individual’s quality of sleep, reducing the pitfalls of overworking and tiredness.

Knowledge and getting fit

Our guides have been designed to explain the theory behind health and fitness, with a focus on the reasons why we see a lot of our clients for physiotherapy and sports massage.

For each area, we give you the essential information and many of the tools you need to move forward, such as suggested treatments and exercises, like pilates, and products which can increase your comfort and speed of recovery.


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Physical methods of treating injury and pain. We focus on the causes of pain and the available solutions.


Back pain

What are the different types and causes of back pain and how can you relieve it through exercise and CBT?


Calf Pain

There are many reasons you may experience pain in your calf muscles. What are they and how can you seek treatment?


Foot and Ankle pain

Foot and ankle pain can cause daily mobility issues and it’s essential to get the right diagnosis and treatment plan.


Groin Pain

Why is your groin hurting and what is the difference between groin pain and groin strain?


Hamstring ailments

Discover common hamstring ailments and causes of pain.



Headaches are a common frustration for patients. Learn the different types of headaches and possible treatments.


Hip pain

The hip joint can cause problems at any age, although it is more common in older patients. We explain the different types of hip pain.


Jaw Pain

Jaw pain can be caused by teeth grinding and joint sprain (among other causes), and can in turn cause headaches.


knee pain

An accurate diagnosis is extremely important in treating the underlying causes of any knee pain.


neck pain

Learn exercises to treat neck pain such as the discomfort caused by a stiff neck or nerve injury.


Shoulder pain

There are many options to treating shoulder pain, such as exercises and surgery. Learn about diagnosis and what you can do.

Our services

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