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Annabel Hawker

Annabel graduated from Sydney University in 2009 with first class honours, and worked in private practice in Australia for 8 years.  She has completed her graduate certificate in Sports Physiotherapy and will graduate from her Masters of Sports Physiotherapy in 2019.  Annabel is currently adding to her rehabilitation tools by completing her qualification of Rehab Pilates.  With her own background in dance, she has seen the value Pilates adds to a rehabilitation program and looks forward to being able to offer this extra service to patients.

Annabel passionate about all areas of physiotherapy, however she has a particular interest in shoulders, and also lower limb injuries.  She loves to work with horse riders and dancers as she is a keen equestrian and dancer herself.  Annabel also particularly enjoys working with children and adolescents, as it requires her to be creative in integrating their rehabilitation program into activities they already enjoy.


“What a delight to have Annabel work on my severe back pain – a professional of high level and standards, with an ease of personal interaction that was warm and non-intrusive. She engaged me in my own healing with realistic exercises that were possible as well as challenging. She was generous in responding to my other questions with regard to posture and knee strengthening, seeing it as part of the whole healing process of back health and ongoing care. She would make a good physio teacher, but you would not want to lose her from her excellent hands-on with patients. Highly recommended. Thank you so much”

– Maureen Cusick

“Annabel Hawker is amazing! I came to visit Annabel Hawker  when I had a strong lower back pain. I made the appointment on a Saturday morning for the same day when I couldn’t move at all. Since then, my back has been improving quite a lot. I have had around 4 session with her, where she has explained to me what kind of exercises are good for me and answering all my doubts so kindly. Finally, my back is fully recovered from the strong pain thanks to her wonderful hands and advise! I strongly recommend her! “

– Laura

“Great for dancers! I took my daughter to see Annabel about her heel pain which had been stopping her participating in her ballet for the last 6 weeks. Annabel diagnosed the problem, gave her strategies to return to class and a clear timeline for recovery. She also contacted our ballet teacher, which was very helpful as it meant everyone was on the same page in regards to management. Annabel had instant rapport with my teenage daughter (I think she may even do her exercises this time!) and I would recommend her to any parents of dancers.”

– Helen B