Stefania Amaducci

Stefania Amaducci

Born in Italy, Stefania started dancing at 4 years old. She studied the RAD ballet method, but then changed to American Ballet. Pursuing an interest in contemporary dance, in 2006 she moved to Salzburg to SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance), and achieved a Diploma which took 3 years to obtain. She successfully graduated in 2009.

‘Stefy’ as we know her, was busy in 2009 and that year she also received the BASI pilates certificate, and became a fully qualified Pilates personal trainer (mat and equipment). It was after this that she began teaching in London at the Pilates Performance Studio.

Stefy has worked with private clients in both Italy and Brussels, as well as London.

To further develop her skills, Stefy has just got back from 2 months in India. During this time she completed intense yoga training. She fell in love with Rishikesh, where she took hatha and meditation classes at Paramath Niketan –  as well as Yoga Niketan Trust.

Stefy prides herself on giving her clients a positive outlook and feeling after all classes. The goal is always to make the clients feel comfortable in what they do, and she always puts her own personal experience as a dancer as an extra point of view.

Stefy is still an active professional dancer.

Stefy is available for Pilates (mat and reformer) and Yoga classes on Tuesdays. Email or call 020 7603 0040 to book in.

1:1, couple and small group classes are available.