Xian Goh

Xian discovered Pilates after a back injury and never looked back. She loves how Pilates has helped her to

  • Tune in to the body’s needs and capabilities
  • Feel stronger and move more fluidly
  • Prepare for the demands of other sports and activities


Xian is also a keen rock climber and a climbing coach. She is interested in fundamental movement principles that guide good technique whether it be in Pilates, climbing, or any other activity.


Xian’s sessions helped me get back to running after a knee injury that I had been suffering with for a while. The sessions were Pilates focused, building up every week as the injury was recovering. Xian clearly knows her stuff and after our last session I was back to my full running strength and distance!

    – Jessi Silvester


Xian is an encouraging and supportive coach and teacher. She got me through post-shoulder injury as a Pilates teacher, helping me recognise my weak areas and engage the right areas.

    – Diane Ruoyi-He


Xian uses a great mix of techniques and exercises from her technique, rehab and pilates teaching to give a really rounded approach. The classes also helped me with injury rehab and gave me a better approach to training and climbing that would help prevent repeating the same injuries in the future.

    – James Skinner