What is a Torn Calf?

The calf muscle is made up of two main muscles, the soleus and the gastrocnemius. A torn calf is a strain or tearing of fibers in one or both of these muscles. A torn muscle in calf may vary from a small amount of muscle fibers involved being a grade 1 strain, or a large amount of fibers being a grade 2 strain. A complete tear of the calf muscle is a grade 3. A torn calf muscle is a common injury in sports involving running, sprinting and changing directions. A torn ligament in calf, or more correctly, a torn tendon in the calf refers to below the muscle bellies and involves tearing of the achilles tendon. This is a much more severe condition.

Torn Calf Muscle

Torn Calf Muscle Recovery

Torn calf muscle recovery time varies on the severity of the tear. A grade 1 torn calf muscle will take 1-2 weeks to heal, a grade 2 will take between 4-6 weeks, and a grade 3 can take up to 3 months to heal. Your physiotherapist will guide your recovery with the appropriate strengthening and stretching program to help you make a full recovery.

Torn Calf Muscle Complications

If not treated correctly a torn calf muscle can be worsened into a larger tear, and sometimes a complete rupture. This will significantly slow the healing process. Other complications include a slow healing response due to immobility, a long lasting feeling of tightness or pressure in the calf, or some sensitivity or slight sensation change over the tear site. Its very important to comply by your physiotherapy program to avoid any torn calf muscle complications.

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