Foot and ankle pain

Suffering from acute or ongoing foot or ankle pain? The good news is that our foot clinic specialist physios can be easily accessed to assess and resolve your issues. At Kensington Physio we successfully treat foot pain in a manner of ways, depending on your diagnosis.

This may initially include gait & running analysis, as well as postural correction using treadmill or video analysis. Other techniques we have up our sleeve include; manual therapy, foot & ankle manipulations, electrotherapy, soft tissue release, stretching and lower limb strengthening.   All of our physiotherapists are also qualified to use acupuncture for relieving foot pain and surrounding muscle tightness.

In addition we also work alongside London’s top foot and ankle consultants. We will always refer on appropriate clients to our trusted local foot and ankle clinic to allow or prompt scanning if onward referral where indicated.

Contact Information

To book an initial consultation for your foot or ankle with one of our expert physiotherapists, please call us on 0207 6030040 or email us at