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Caroline from Kensington Physio treated me for back pain. She is a highly skilled physiotherapist. Her assessment of the cause of the pain was spot on and her hands on treatment and exercise recommendations very effective in curing the pain. She is compassionate and encouraging. I would say if you are in pain go and see her, she’s amazing! I’m no longer in pain and have been able to return to many of the sports I previously found painful. Thank you Caroline.
I also did some Pilate sessions with Ashley, who is a very talented teacher, endlessly patient and meticulous on the exercises. Again I recommend her highly.

by Jo


My doctor sent me to your clinic and recommended Caroline.
She has been looking after me to recover from a slipped disc.
Thanks to her wonderful personnality, positive attitude and very high skills, I am able now to live normally again.
I was very worried to be stuck my whole life with this unbearable back pain, but Caroline proved me wrong very quickly.
She inspired me and motivated me to do my exercises everyday.
Thank you so much for everything !!!

by Rhea


Treatment is always excellent and usually “spot on”. If you need to see a specialist, they know where to send you!

by Jack Amos

Lovely, professional Annika

I was suffering from nasty lower back problems and thanks to Annika I know how to manage them now.
She was very professional, kind, patient and provided me with loads of tips and even homework!
If ever I need a physio again, I will certainly go back to work with her. And I am recommending her to all my friends and colleagues.

by Hanna

Beating the pain

Caroline Wright can unerringly put her finger on the spot that is causing the problem. Then she always give a few simple exercises to do at home to build on her good work and give you the confidence that you can beat the pain. I can’t recommend Kensington Physio and Caroline highly enough!

by Libby Symon

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