Neck Exercises

Exercises for neck pain are often prescribed by physiotherapists to help in the treatment and management for neck disorders. Exercises are usually tailored to the individual after assessment of their presenting symptoms, but will usually involve both the neck and shoulder region.

Neck Pain

Neck pain may result from muscular strain, soft tissue sprain or nerve injury. The cause is variable but may be due to a more obvious whiplash related injuries or less obvious postural provoked disorders. In-fact poor posture appears to be becoming increasingly common in the age of laptops, smart phones and tablets, increasing the likelihood of developing neck symptoms with excessive use.

Acute Neck Exercises

In the early stages of neck pain rest and limiting movement is usually key in allowing the symptoms to settle down. If the pain is severe this becomes increasingly important, so try to move within comfort over the first few days to a week.

Exercises for a Stiff Neck

After the acute stage the neck may become tight and therefore might need to be mobilised. Stiff neck exercises will usually involve some form of range of motion exercise and stretching routine. Your therapist will guide you through a program but simple range of motion exercises could involve turning and side bending the head. Stretches on the other hand are devised to target specific muscle groups around the neck and should always be demonstrated before attempting.

Neck Strengthening

Neck muscle exercises are often used to help strengthen the neck following injury. Commonly the deep neck flexors muscles are targeted with exercise by therapists however these will only be given if appropriate and should never be given as routine.  Activities that involve using the arms and neck will automatically help to strengthen the neck and shoulder to a degree.


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