What is shoulder blade pain?

Anyone who has experienced such symptoms will often describe the sensation of pain between the shoulder blades or discomfort on one side such as pain in the left or the right shoulder blade.

The cause of the pain is variable but is usually linked to ‘what we do’ and ‘how we do it!’.  For example, the way in which we sit at a computer, use the phone, clean the house or work in the garden can all play a role.  There are groups of muscles in this area, such as the rhomboids and levator scapulae, which can be over-worked resulting in discomfort and shoulder blade muscle pain. The serratus anterior muscle could lead to pain under the shoulder blade due to it being located in this region.

However there are other structures including the ribs and spinal joints, between the vertebrae, which can also give rise to pain.  In addition the neck can refer pain into the shoulder blade area.  Usually the neck feels stiff rather than painful but the symptoms are perceived in the shoulder region. So it is important to investigate the upper sections of the spine to assess their overall contribution to the presenting symptoms.

Other factors that may result in pain include stress, excessive work/exercise or even sedentary lifestyles.


How to treat pain the shoulder blades

Due to the numerous possible causes of symptoms in this area, a thorough examination by a physiotherapist is key.  Here at Kensington Physiotherapy we have a number of highly skilled specialists in both ‘postural and functional assessment’.  They will be able to assess and determine why you have your symptoms and the best course of treatment to get it better.

Treatment may consist of manual therapy to get you moving better and then rehabilitation exercises to help keep you moving better!

If you require any further advice on this matter please contact us here at Kensington Physiotherapy to find out more information.