CPD EVENT – Medical Acupuncture & Dry Needling Course – July 13 & 14 2019

**NEW CPD Course** ⚠️ medical acupuncture & dry needling ⏩ when: July 13 & 14 2019 ⏩ where: Kensington Physio, 7 Russell Gardens W14 8EZ ⏩ cost: £350 📳 to book: register here or call 020 7603 0040 LIMITED AVAILABILITY CPD EVENT – Medical Acupuncture & Dry Needling Course – July 13 & 14 2019 was last modified: June 17th, […] Read More

Scars and their impact on the Body: C-sections, ACLs, Tattoos etc:

A Scar is defined as an ‘area of fibrous tissue that replaces the normal skin after injury’; where we usually think of them from surgical procedures, accidents or the baddie from the Lion King. They can be rooted emotionally in relation to trauma or surgery or persistent pain for many years (orthopaedic surgeries, cancer/tumour removal, […] Read More

How to Keep Kids Engaged And Motivated With Their Physiotherapy

Physical education teacher working with children

We all know how hard it is to stay motivated with our rehab, and it can be even harder to keep our children motivated through the physiotherapy process. Kensington Physio’s Senior physiotherapist Annabel H, who has a particular interest in physiotherapy for children and adolescents, gives us some tips for different age ranges! What’s the […] Read More

Lower Back Pain And How Exercise Helps To Reduce The Effects

office worker with back pain

Back pain is the largest cause of disability in the UK and specifically, lower back pain (LBP) accounts for 11% of all disability in the country (NHS 2016) making it something that we see everywhere, be it: personally (you have it or have had it) at home (family, friends, flatmates, probably your pets as well) […] Read More