Scars and their impact on the Body: C-sections, ACLs, Tattoos etc:

A Scar is defined as an ‘area of fibrous tissue that replaces the normal skin after injury’; where we usually think of them from surgical procedures, accidents or the baddie from the Lion King. They can be rooted emotionally in relation to trauma or surgery or persistent pain for many years (orthopaedic surgeries, cancer/tumour removal, […] Read More

Pilates: the ultimate exercise for pregnancy (and beyond!)

Congratulations! You’re expecting! There are likely a million questions running through your head, not least of them, ‘how do I stay fit and healthy during my pregnancy to help me prepare for birth and motherhood?’ Whether or not you have tried Pilates prior to your pregnancy, it is a fabulous form of exercise to keep […] Read More

What is National Raynaud’s Awareness Month?

February is National Raynaud’s Awareness month, but what is Raynaud’s? Raynaud’s is a condition where the small blood vessels in the hands, feet, ears, nose and nipples are over-sensitive to the slightest changes in temperature, the cold and sometimes stress. This may cause the fingers or toes to change colour, the extremities may be cold […] Read More