Disc Degeneration is not due to wear and tear!

Are we wearing out? It is a common held belief that disc degeneration of the spine is a result of aging and ‘wear & Tear’ from mechanical overload or injury. However recent research strongly disputes this argument! The Twin Study: Disc Degeneration The Twin Spine Study which initially started in 1991 looked at both identical […] Read More

Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: Help with Chronic Low Back pain

Chronic Low Back Pain Can be a debilitating problem for many – trapped in repeated cycles of pain! Sufferers can often go through repeated imaging, failed therapeutic treatments and regular prescribed painkillers all to no avail. This can be frustrating, stressful and lead to anxiety for many. CBT: The Evidence However there is growing evidence […] Read More

Wry Neck

Acute Onset A sudden onset of non-traumatic acute neck pain and stiffness can be a super scary experience, and it’s a commonly presenting condition that we see here at Kensington Physio. It can occur on waking, during exercise, after prolonged static head positions or when suddenly moving in a particular direction. Wry neck can affect […] Read More