Exercise Vs Surgery for Shoulder Pain

The Amazing Shoulder

Shoulder Pain Exercise & Surgery

The shoulder allows us to do all sorts of wonderful things from the physical – throwing a ball or climbing a wall! To the less physical getting dressed, feeding and even painting!

It is the most mobile joint in the body which is controlled almost entirely by our muscles. This means most shoulder problems can be managed through exercise.

The Exercise Effect

Exercises to strengthen the shoulder have been found to be just as effective as surgery, or even better, when treating shoulder pain,

Shoulder Tests

Dr Jeremy Lewis describes how many common diagnosis such as bursal thickening, atraumatic tendon tears and labral damage are normal findings in the general population without pain. Many tests that are used for the shoulder including imaging are non-specific. The good news is, as mentioned, the shoulder they will all generally respond to exercise sooner or later!

So if you are experiencing pain our Physiotherapists can guide you through a progressive exercise program to help you gain confidence in your shoulder and return you to normal function.

 David O’Neil May 2017

Shoulder Pain Exercise & Surgery

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