Running Makes the back Stronger

Is running good for the spine? Does running Makes back Stronger?

It has long been questioned whether running is actually good for our backs. Due to the forces that may be generated when we pound the streets or jog round our local parks. However there is emerging evidence that it’s actually very healthy for our spines and actually makes the discs stronger!

The Evidence

A recent study by Belavy et al. (2017) found that both shorter and longer distance runners had hypertrophied (enlarged) discs. Runners also had better hydration of their discs when compared to people who led sedentary lives over a 5 year period.
The key message here is that regular exercise is very important in staying healthy! Running actually helps our spines stay strong and doesn’t seem to be linked to early wear and tear.

Getting back to Running

If you like running and haven’t tried it for a while, or are concerned about exercising due to recent injury, then it might be advisable to seek help from one of our physiotherapists first.
Our physiotherapists will be able to tailor an individualised program for your needs. Be it just strengthening exercises or a simple return to running plan. The Sooner you’re back the better!

So don’t hang about! Get exercising!

Author: David O’Neil  May 2017


Running Makes back Stronger

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