Is Prolonged Sitting Good for You?

On average we sit up to 10 hours a day at work. In addition to this, we also sit to commute, eat, and to watch television.

Sitting for long periods at a time can have a vast array of health consequences including; increased pressure on our joints and spines, muscle tightness, obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

No wonder we as physios are seeing so many sitting posture related syndromes coming in for treatment. Whether this presents as neck or back pain, repetitive strain of the wrist, hamstring tightness or even sciatica, this can all be helped though correcting poor static postures and moving more!

We at Kensington Physio are experts at correcting how you stand, sit and move and will let you know all the little tips you can apply at work and at home to keep you aligned and pain-free . We also offer an in-house visiting servive to ensure your desk set up it tip -top for yourself and your colleagues.

If you wish to get in touch for a clinic appointment or in-house ergonomics screening, please do not hesitate to call us on 02076030040 or drop us an email at


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