Congratulations to all you Spring Marathon Runners!

Congratulations to all you spring marathon runners, especially those who ran for the first time, achieved a PB or secured a good for age place next year. For those who have the bug and are looking to keep running, I have two bits of advice.

1.) Take 2 weeks off from running!

Your bone stress levels and muscle fatigue are at an all time high right now and therefore your risk of injury much greater. I suggest having at least 4 days off, taking it very easy, lots of sleep and good nutrition and short walks. Then, if you’re keen to work out, keep it to low load activity like swimming or cycling for the 2 weeks post marathon.

2.) Speed and technique training

Summer is the time to work on your technique and speed. If you’re interested in having a biomechanical assessment to look at how you can improve your running, the best time to work on this is when you don’t have any long races lined up. Technique is best improved over shorter distances to begin with, ideal for that post marathon phase and to get back some speed!

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