It’s nearly – Ski Time!

Want to get “Ski Fit”?

Before we know it will be that time of the year again, SKI TIME!

Our Physiotherapists at Kensington Physio and Sports Medicine see multiple injuries from the slopes, of which some can be prevented with professional advice and exercise.
Many people work hard for months and then pack up and head off skiing without any exercise or preparation for their poor bodies.

Knee problems are a common ski injury and although some accidents can not be prevented there are some strains than can be. Many People just think about Thigh (Quadriceps) strength but forget about hamstring and gluteal muscles!

Another area that gets missed when in training for the slopes is your core, joining Pilates or finding a physio who can help you engage your transverse abdominus is crucial to protect your back when skiing! Or maybe you have never skied before and want to keep up with group come seek advice re: the most effective cardio training to do in the lead up to the ski season.

See this article that lists a few key aspects to remember to help prevent injury.

Try not to leave it too late and book in to see our specialist Physio team who have a big interest in skiing themselves. Don’t let that little niggle ruin your holiday get it looked at!


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