10 Tips & Tricks On How To Stay Fit & ‘Healthy’ On Holiday

How to stay fit and ‘healthy’ during your holiday by Annabel Gatjen

Haven’t we all got the urge to get away soon?

Because you all properly worked on your New Year resolutions for the last 4 months (which I am sure included to be more active and sporty!) this means you are finally – or almost summer body ready.

But how will you be able to keep this sport and enthusiasm up while you are away? Are you thinking of having to hit the gym while you are out there?! I don’t think so. Not fun!

There are little exercises or ways you can keep your digestive system up and going without giving up on the lovely cocktails in the evening.


  1. Glass of warm water in the morning! Wakes your digestive system up.
  2. Use the stairs! Not the lift. Very good booty workout. And also keeps your lungs and your heart fit! Of course, if your hotel has got more than 5 floors, use the lift half way and then walk the stairs.
  3. Don’t starve! I know most of the summer holidays include laying at the beach or the pool and you might not even feel hungry because of the heat or because of not doing anything. So you find yourself at the buffet or a restaurant at night time eating double the amount of food you normally would. Not that the portion is too big – but your digestive system is not prepared for that after putting it through a starve all day or since breakfast.
  4. Swim! There is a pool or the sea in front of you. Use it! Not is it great to cool down but moving against the water is the best fat killer.
  5. Go on a trip! Walking is good for you and you’ll see some incredible places and get to know the country you are visiting.
  6. Little exercises you can do:
  • While brushing your teeth do some heel raises
  • Before sitting down on the toilet do 10 squats
  • In the pool hang onto the edge and try to bring both legs up as quick as possible and back down
  • When you lay down onto your front lower yourself down as slow as possible
  • Before jumping in the shower do some push-ups against the wall or even on the floor if you feel like it. For super fit people, do some burpees!
  • Join the beach volleyball people
  1. Dance! Hopefully, there is a little show going on in your hotel including a dance evening. If not or you are staying in an apartment, turn on the music and just move your body a bit before jumping in the shower.
  2. And the good old, stay away from carbs in the evening…every other night! Especially during buffets you are more likely to get chips or more bread although you probably wouldn’t even have gone for it on a menu. Allow it one night and then say ‘no’ the next night. Little extra advise, eat slowly. Let your stomach have the chance to feel full.
  3. Low-calorie cocktails, beverages! (vodka with lemon and lime, Moscow mule, sugarless Mojito, Sauvignon Blanc or shots but water in between)
  4. Last but not least DRINK PLENTY OF WATER! Cold water is refreshing and it also means our body needs to burn some calories to warm it up.

If you do half of these 10 you will find yourself be happier and fitter even throughout a lazy holiday!

The KP-Team wishes you a fantastic, less sporty but still healthy holiday!!!


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