Primal Abroad: Food Adventures from Around the World

I have taken this excerpt from a website called Mark’s Daily Apple.  It is a great website with lots of interesting tidbits. Let me know your thoughts.

This is a guest post from Eric Bach, primal enthusiast and member of The Modern Gypsies. You may know The Gypsies as the winners of the 2011 adventure race television show Expedition Impossible, and perhaps remember them from this MDA interview.

Ok, so you know the story, eat fresh, organic, unprocessed foods which includes meat, veggies, nuts and seeds. It’s simple and straightforward, the primal way of life is second nature to you. In your neighborhood there’s that quaint little butcher that always has your grass-fed beef, or you can swing by Whole Foods and make a rainbow assortment of varied nuts and seeds; oh and while you’re there, you may as well pick up a can of organic coconut oil. Everything is readily available, taunting you with attractive labels and promises of grass-fed, high omega-3, non GMO goodness.

Now picture this, you’re high up in the Ecuadorian highlands, you just reached the 19,347 ft summit of one of the tallest peaks in the country, Cotopaxi, and after the glorious descent your body is yearning for primal fuel. What are the options?

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Enjoy your bugs!


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