When I Met the New Sports Massage Therapist, Hus Torgut

This blog post is written by Miriam De Zeeuw, one of our valued customers at Kensington Physio.

Have you ever thought that you need a good quality sports massage, but are not sure where to go? There are so many therapists out there, and I have to be honest, there’s such a difference in standard. My journey to Kensington Physio for a massage started when I heard rumours about a man called ‘magic hands’ who had started working at the Russell Gardens practice.

His name is Hus Torgut.

Hus has extensive experience and has worked with an assortment of patients with varying conditions, as well as professional athletes. He has many approaches to his work, which include sports massage, soft tissue manipulation, functional training and strength conditioning work.

I’m really pleased that I booked a sports massage with Hus. He is very strong and can help with those really tight knots. Hus has a really great technique if I do say so myself!

I always have had a painful back due to my posture and working in an office environment. Not only did Hus help relieve the stress on my back, but he showed me the areas to look after better. He communicated during the massage to let me know what technique he is using and what needs to be done. After the session, Hus gave me a list of recommendations as to what I should be doing at home and in the gym to help strengthen and stretch my muscles.

I didn’t realise how stiff my lower back and hips were until I had a sports massage (those magic hands!).

I found it a great overall experience and I will definitely be booking myself in again soon.

Miriam and Hus

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