Women’s Health

Urinary Incontinence

This is a really useful reminder that people can do something about incontinence!

One study has suggested that 45% of women have some form of incontinence at 7 years after childbirth. That number is too high, especially as physio can make so much difference to it. Don’t ignore it – get to a Womens Health Physio to get a better quality of life. (Article: New guidelines and other lifestyle treatments for urinary incontinence in women)

Our Women’s Health Physiotherapist

Caroline Wright has over 10 years of experience with treating women’s health issues. She works with the patient giving them the confidence to improve their quality of life with appropriate physiotherapy.


If you think that you would benefit from seeing a Women’s Health physiotherapist then please contact Caroline on Tel: 0208 603 0040 or email: caroline.wright@kenphysio.com




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