Did you know we now offer Shockwave Therapy?

We now offer Shockwave Therapy in our Kensington Clinic

Shockwave Therapy

How does shockwave therapy work?

The simple answer: shock wave therapy sends soundwaves into the painful area to stimulate healing and pain relief.

More technical answer:

The shock waves are acoustic waves, generated by a pellet being launched at speed to the end of the handpiece at a preset interval. The soundwaves then travel from the tip of the handpiece, through a gel and into and through the tissues, where they release energy and have several effects:

  • Release substance P, a pain mediator and growth factor. This has both a pain-relieving effect, and dilutes the blood vessels, to stimulate circulation and contributes to formation of new bone tissue.
  • Inhibits the cox II enzyme, to reduce inflammation
  • Hyperstimulates nerve fibres, blocking an increase in pain stimuli, and intensifies the pain-relieving effect through gate control

Shockwave therapy can be used to treat

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Achilles tendinopathy
  • Medial tibial stress syndrome (shin splints)
  • Tennis/golfer’s elbow
  • Greater trochanteric pain syndrome
  • Osgood Schlatter disease
  • Calcific tendonitis

Author:Erol Umut

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