Food for Thought!

Food for Thought!

The Diet

The new year is getting closer, which means new years resolutions are also around the corner. I am sure a lot of you will have resolutions based on exercise and diet in order to start the new year off well!

The Evidence

But what kind of diet changes should you be making if losing weight is on your agenda. A low fat diet has been advocated for many years to help manage weight and improve health. However, a recent analysis of several randomized controlled trials looked at the effect of low fat diets on losing weight and this showed “the existing scientific evidence does not support low-fat diets over other dietary interventions for long-term weight loss”. The research does show that Low fat diets were more effective than not changing eating habits at all.

In the article below Dierdre Thomas points out that we must look beyond simply counting calories and look at the type of foods we are eating, portion control and healthy eating habits. Frank Hu, senior author of the paper, also advises that dieting can be complex and is very individual to each person. We must take into account food and cultural preferences and individual health condition to improve compliance and cardiometabolic health.

The results from this study are discussed further here


We all know that exercise also plays a major part in a healthy lifestyle and helping manage weight. Here at Kensington Physio and Sports Medicine our physiotherapists can help you develop a exercise regime to get you in better shape, manage or prevent injury and improve your health.


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