Pilates Vs Yoga

As Physios we are often asked by our patients which is better for them to do.. Yoga or Pilates?


We have physios and Pilates instructors who work with both mat and specialised equipment, to help incorporate lots of the proven benefits of Pilates into their rehab therapy. For our hypermobile patients, we often find Pilates to be beneficial in helping improve their joint stability.


For our patients with very tight muscle groups, yoga can be an excellent way of helping improve the length and the flexibility of any tight structures. As yoga also incorporates mindfulness and spirituality, it can also be a great form of relaxation those with stressful lives.

Try both and see what you enjoy, At Kensington Physio & Sports Medicine practice we offer 1:1 and small classes of equipment Pilates (max. 3 participants).

In any setting, always remember to tell your class instructor if you have any injuries!


If you wish to get in touch for a clinic appointment, please do not hesitate to call us on 02076030040 or drop us an email at info@kenphysio.com

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