Be Foot Loose and Fancy Free this Summer

Comfortable Footwear

It may have arrived later than we would have liked, but we can finally utter the words… Summer is here!

Whether you are spending your summer days in the London Parks, evening BBQ’s with friends or travelling the world to warmer climes, you will most probably be doing it in less supportive footwear. If you aren’t bare foot, chances are you are in flip-flops or sandals – and choosing the right shoes is key.

In order to protect your feet in the summer months, you need to be wearing the right footwear. This goes for everyone – even if you don’t suffer from foot or ankle pain, it’s important for preventative purposes as well.
If you are one of the many people across the UK who do suffer from feet related ailments and pains, you aren’t alone! Common sources of foot pain include bunions, heel pain, plantar fasciitis and ankle instability.

Treating Foot and Ankle Pain

If you are dying to wear your new wedges to a summer Pimms party but the pain in your foot is too much, or perhaps your ankles keep giving way on you, you must seek help. Physiotherapists can not only help to diagnose where your pain is coming from, but they can assess what shoes would be appropriate to ensure maximum comfort, results and summer enjoyment!
Take bunions as an example. Physiotherapy can ensure that they don’t get any worse, or even better, preventing from starting in the first place. Physiotherapists can also gain insight and ensure that you are at your most comfortable whilst walking whether it be pain in the heel, arch or general pain in the foot.

The foot is made up of 11 intrinsics muscles that support the arch of the foot. With the push off phase in walking, the extrinsic muscles are also important to help stabilise the ankle. There are so many exercises that can help you strengthen this.
Even if you are not getting pain but are concerned with the positioning of your feet and toes, physiotherapists can help you. So, don’t spend the Summer months hiding your feet!  For a little further reading, check out this article

The right advice from a professional can help your foot or ankle pain, please contact one of our physiotherapy here at Kensington Physio & Sports Medicine to discuss further.

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