Slumped or Couch Potato!

Is sitting slumped bad for our backs?

It’s not uncommon to hear phrases like ‘sit up straight’ or ‘it’s not to good to sit slumped’ from one’s parents or teachers. However this belief has fed into society and has almost become cultural – but is it right?

Well it seems that slumped sitting appears to be associated with more relaxed postures and has only a weak relationship with back pain. Other factors including psychological (i.e mood and anxiety) are far greater predictors of back pain.


Lifestyle including being active and avoiding regular sustained postures are more important in reducing low back pain. So whilst it is fine to sit slouched it’s not fine to be a couch potato!

If you are someone who experiences pain whist sitting then it was also beneficial to see a physiotherapist to help try and analyse the different factors that could be contributing to your symptoms. The therapist can then help devise a plan including exercise to help to you resolve your symptoms.

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