High Heels in the Workplace

Should Women Wear 2 inch High Heels to Work?

Here is an article on a discrimination case about women being forced to wear 2 inch high heels at work. As a Physiotherapist, I am always trying to get women to think about their footwear as a high heel may cause:

  • undue pressure on the foot helping to cause bunions,
  • an unstable support for the arch possibly increasing the risk of Plantarfascitis,
  • an unstable support for the ankle leading to Anterior TaloFibular ligament loading pain or at worst – sprains
  • shortening of the achilles tendon
  • knee pain, as it shifts the patella (knee cap)
  • back pain as it shifts the pelvis forward
  • and generally very uncomfortable and difficult to walk or stand in.

Is it therefore a possible Health and Safety Issue too?  Doctors or Physiotherapists are unlikely recommend wearing high heels for foot pain!


Advice & Treatment:

If you experience foot or lower limb symptoms then why not visit one of our physiotherapists. Our clinics in West London can easily be reached from Kensington, South Kensington, Notting Hill, Hammersmith, Chelsea and Fulham areas.


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