Biomechanical Running Analysis

Speed and Performance

If you are looking to improve your speed/performance as a runner, trying to overcome those recurring running niggles, or just interested to see how you run and perhaps prevent injuries in the future, book yourself in for a one off running analysis by our experienced Physiotherapist Victoria Samson.

Video Analysis

The session will involve movement screening, muscle testing, video analysis of your running and here’s ’the best bit, solutions offered to address any problems or how to train new technique successfully without injuring yourself.

Learn from Experience

Victoria is an experienced runner herself who has changed her own running technique over the years to improve her speed and performance and to avoid injuries – and it works! She runs competitively with Hercules Wimbledon but is very experienced in tailoring biomechanical adjustments to the individuals needs and ability.

Running Well Packages

The running well package is comprised of our 60 minute biomechanical running analysis session where solutions to any technical concerns or injuries will be provided. The three follow ups can then be tailored to the individual, consisting of hands on treatment, strength training, treadmill interval sessions to work on technique and/or speed, or just simply a good sports massage. Please contact the clinic for more information if needed or call today to book.
This package is also available to gift to another individual


  1. 60 minute biomechanical running analysis session. Package price of £110
  2. 60 minute Biomechanical Assessment (BMA) and 3 x 30 minute physiotherapy follow up appointments. Package price £265

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