Sporting Injuries: Return to Sport Safely

Sporting Injuries

Have you had to stop a sport or activity that you love because of an injury?

Everyone who plays sport or leads an active lifestyle is at risk of injury but how you approach the injury or pain can make a big difference to your return to play.

Get it Looked At

Firstly do not leave it too long – If you have a little niggle or pain – DO not leave it , it could get worse and if addressed early there is less risk of the condition becoming chronic.
Once the pain or injury is more manageable it is important to have the appropriate sport specific exercises prescribed in order to return to sport or activity pain free and to prevent further injury!

Sport Specific Exercises

This is one article that stresses the importance of a sports specific program in order to prevent ACL rupture in young girls. It is important to note that upper limb injuries need specific rehab to ensure full return to sport as well as lower limb.

Sports Psychology

It is also important to consider the psychological side of returning to sport /activity post injury, as many people feel anxious and it is important that when you return you are not only physically but mentally ready!


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