Skinny Jeans Do Not Cause Low back Pain!

A recent poll by the British Chiropractic Association claimed that skinny jeans and coats with fluffy hoods can cause back pain!  The poll which quizzed over a 1000 women found that 73% of women had experienced back pain and whom also wore such clothing.

Low Back Pain

However what the poll failed to mention was that most people will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Similar to feeling tired or catching a common cold! It is a normal part of life and very rarely dangerous.

The Myth

Most of the women interviewed in the poll were in an age range where they are likely to wear tight jeans, hoodies and high heels. So it is very probable that they may also experience back pain at some point. So suggesting such clothing causes back pain is a poor interpretation of the results and is not backed up by scientific research. Most of these women may also experience a cold or sneeze from time to time – but you wouldn’t suggest the clothes are doing this! Such myths unfortunately only help to fuel fear about low back pain!


The evidence is growing that the causes of low back pain are for a variety of reasons including physical, psychological, general health, lifestyle and social.  Keeping active using your back and not being frightened to do so are key!



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