Tennis Elbow


With the post-Wimbledon high of seeing Murray win for a second time, many of us have been dusting off our racquets and practising our best tennis court moves!

Tennis Elbow

One condition we commonly see is tennis elbow or ‘lateral epicondylitis’. Despite its name, this condition is not always linked to tennis playing, and can affect anyone who has been stressing their extensor tendon region.

This condition is caused by an inflammation or small micro-tears in the extensor tendon. This tendon anchors the muscles lifting the wrist up into extension, into the outside bone of elbow. Pain is often localised to this specific region, and can also track down into the forearm.

Movements where the wrist is extended, such a carrying bags, gripping cups, unscrewing jars, turning door handles and cooking may bring on your symptoms. Touching the area can be acutely painful.

Physio for Tennis Elbow

Your physio will do a formal elbow examination and will do some spefiific tests, such as resisting the wrist and/or middle finger extension to see if this repoducuces pain in the outside elbow region. Other conditions such as elbow joint pathology or a nerve issue may also need to be ruled out.
The good news is that tennis elbow can be treated. In the first instance, you will be advised to avoid stressing the region further. Your physio may treat you with ultrasound, massage, acupuncture, taping and will teach you some specific wrist loading exercises when the time is right. If your condition is not responding to therapy, an ultrasound scan may be required to confirm the diagnosis or determine the state of the tendon. For scanning and further opinion, we work alongside some of the best sports and orthopaedic physicians in London.

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