The Twisted Pelvis: Fact or Fiction?

My Pelvis is Out if Alignment!

We often hear our patients describing their pelvis of being out of alignment, which is why they are in pain, and that their previous therapists have been kind enough to put it back in place for them! Which all sounds very plausible but is it actually true?

No Evidence

Well there is no real evidence to support this belief – in fact the research supports the opposite! The joints are not out of alignment and manual therapy or manipulation seem to have no affect on joint position. It can also be quite concerning for a patient if they feel there are asymmetries in their pelvis.

It appears that altered body perception is one of the main reasons why people feel they are out of alignment. This also has high links with Kinesiophobia – fear of movement. If someone is in pain and is frightened to move as they feel their back or pelvis is out of alignment this will only lead to more avoidance of activity. The result is actually more de-conditioning and more pain rather than less!

Physiotherapy can play a crucial role in helping those in discomfort from breaking of this harmful cycle of pain.

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