Winter Workout? New Year, New You!

How to stay fit and happy when its cold!

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It is the time of the year where everyone slows down. Everything you want to do is just to go home and snuggle up under a nice blanket. It is also the time of the year where you don’t know how to dress properly. Too cold in the morning over the day way to warm and you start to sweat. The time of the year when it is very easy to catch a cold. So what can YOU do to prevent and fight this ugly weather and mood?!

6 Things to help you stay fit and happy:

  1. Vit C Boost. Drink warm lemon water (very important not to put hot water on a freshly squeezed lemon! It kills the good vitamins) and if you like add a ginger slice. If you are not a big fan of drinking something warm or lemony. Take it as a shot and wash it down with a glass of cold water. But always try to use real lemon juice.
  2. Onion Look – Is definitely the way to go for to make sure you can take a layer off when it is too warm and put one back on when it gets too cold. I actually leave a jumper at work just in case I am getting too cold. For those of you who use the tube, take of your jacket as soon as you go underground. You will feel a lot warmer getting off and putting the jacket back on! But keep a scarf around your neck as there are brises everywhere down there. A good reason to go out and get a nice scarf.
  3. Lunchbreak walks. No matter how cold or wet it is, get out there! Even if it is just 10 min. And the best part, the building you left will definitely feel warmer than before.
  4. Walk the escalators. Yes, I am serious. We need to keep our heart and lunges going for them not to catch anything. It also keeps you warm.
  5. Drink lots of water. I realised that when it gets colder I am not really thirsty and find myself at the end of a long day and only finished about 500ml of water. But water is actually really important for our immune systems. It helps cleaning the liver and kidneys and not to forget it keeps up our blood flow in our nostrils. And remember tea is not water!
  6. Morning routine. Last but not least. Give yourself a big smile in the morning. Smile into the mirror and tell yourself it will be a good day. This is one thing my mum told me to do. She thought herself she was crazy when she did it the first week but it helps. There is actually a study out there that shows endorphin raisings when even fake smiling for over a minute.
  7. SOUP. Time to throw whatever vegetables you can find/like into a pot half filled with warm water. Boil them until soft and use to the blender to mix it all up or if you like chunks no blending at all just enjoy. I love a bit of cayenne pepper in almost all my soups or a bit of garlic. Both very good to boost your immune system!


What I figured out over the last month personally is mindfulness and meditation. I have learned that it doesn’t have to be a crazy amount. I do 10-15 minutes of meditation a day and use little mindfulness techniques to bring myself back into here and now.

A little list at the end of the day with things that were good about your day and what you are thankful for will help against that winter blues. And on top of all of that for those who are really suffering of a lack of sun, take some good Vitamin D tablets.

I start beginning of October and go all the way through with it until the end of March. During my lunch breaks, I love to remember that feeling coming home from an afternoon out with my parents to the park or forest. That cosy, warm and happy feeling!

And don’t forget it is okay to eat more during this time of the year! Our body needs it!

Oh and if you feel really heavy and a bit down – a lovely Massage can do wonders!

Author: Annabel Gatjen

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