The Importance of Sleep

Importance of Sleep

Healthy Sleep An interesting article demonstrating the importance of sleep in maintaining health. We often see patients who find if difficult to sleep or feel they don’t get enough rest at night. Such patients may also experience ongoing symptoms of pain or discomfort (in particular back pain). A good nights sleep is essential in allowing […] Read More

Is Prolonged Sitting Good for You?

On average we sit up to 10 hours a day at work. In addition to this, we also sit to commute, eat, and to watch television. Sitting for long periods at a time can have a vast array of health consequences including; increased pressure on our joints and spines, muscle tightness, obesity, diabetes and heart disease. No wonder we as physios are seeing so many […] Read More

Ever Wanted to Know Which type of Bridging hits your Glutes more?

Bridge Variations Ever wanted to know which type of bridging hits your glutes (bum) more? A study from an amputee patient selected various types of bridging, placed EMG sensors over the Gluteus Maximus muscle and tested accordingly. He tested using two different types of contractions, one being a 5 second isometric hold, and the other […] Read More

Priming Pain – Are you guilty as a therapist? If your a patient, have you experienced this from a therapist?

I have attached a short video to discuss this article written recently on a blog Caroline Wright came across. It’s called Priming Pain. I personally feel it is very relevant and made me reflect on my own practice where i have certainly been guilty of this simple mistake. Click Priming Pain to read the great article by […] Read More