Acupuncture Treatment

  At Kensington Physio, we offer musculoskeletal acupuncture treatment as part of our physiotherapy service. Patients often ask us how acupuncture works from an Eastern and Western stand-point. In basic terms, the ancient traditional Chinese acupuncture method involves inserting needles along specific meridian lines. The aim is to restore the flow of our ‘Qi’ life […] Read More

Stretching – is it Helpful?

Does static muscle stretching help or hinder? For many years our pre-exercise routine consisted of some form of cardiovascular warm-up and various static muscle stretches. In recent times there has been a trend to eliminate static stretching due to the proposed idea that these may cause a decrease in muscle performance immediately after. So we […] Read More

Pilates Vs Yoga

As Physios we are often asked by our patients which is better for them to do.. Yoga or Pilates? Pilates We have physios and Pilates instructors who work with both mat and specialised equipment, to help incorporate lots of the proven benefits of Pilates into their rehab therapy. For our hypermobile patients, we often find […] Read More