Do you want a more successful 2016 Marathon?

Successful Marathon

The marathon training season is fast approaching, this is when most runners start hitting the pavement a bit more, getting the necessary miles in their legs ready for the big event.
But did you know that strength training can prevent injuries, and improve your performance?


Running is essentially a single leg sport, it involves controlling a landing, then delivering another push off, over and over and over. This puts a lot of stress on the muscles in your hips and legs! A recent study looked at how much force particular muscles used during running… Hamstrings, quadriceps, calves and Gluteal muscles!

So it makes sense that strengthening these muscles will have a positive effect on your running.

Overuse Injuries

Roughly 80% of running injuries are due to overuse, which means your legs have been overloaded. This could be from many things like running too hard, too many miles, poor technique or not enough rest. Strengthening helps to prevent these injuries by increasing the amount of load your legs can tolerate, before becoming overloaded and injured.
We understand that runners just want to run; however they also like improving times, running well, and being free of pain! So for a more successful marathon in 2016, get in early and start strengthening now.


At Kensington Physio & Sport Medicine we can assess your running and design a strengthening program to suit your goals.

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