Runners in Need

Elite athletes to Eddie Izzard 

Whether you are an elite athlete, Eddie Izzard, or trying to get fit for the summer – running is a cheap and easy way to get your cardio exercise in. With Battersea, Richmond and Hyde Park as our back gardens – there are really no excuses! Having said that, running has an incredibly high impact on your joints and tendons, so practicing with care is a must. Choosing the right running trainers is crucial to getting it right – not only to prevent injury but to cushion your joints.


The recent London Marathon, which is one of the Top 5 Marathons in the world, brings London together with a fantastic sense of community. Many of our physiotherapists at Kensington have had the pleasure of working at the medical centre during the London Marathon and have done so for many years – treating the runners throughout the race and after they receive their medals.

Treatment for Running Symptoms

Everyone has different running patterns; If you are getting any pains, tightness, numbness, pins and needles or any other symptoms whilst running or afterwards, you must get expert advice or treatment. Most running injuries are caused by muscle imbalances either in length or strength and can be easily corrected with the right advice.
Here at Kensington Physiotherapy there are expert specialists who can assess and treat any niggles that you have. Better still, we can prevent those pains from starting in the first place and hindering your progress and enjoyment.
Here is an easy read on how Physio (Tim Cruse-Drew) helped Eddie Izzard complete his incredible challenge of 27 marathons in 27 days, with some insider tips on how he would have coped with this gruelling challenge.

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