Running Assessments – Using technology to make you better!

Running Assessments

Do you want to know more about how you run?

Perhaps the terms “rate of loading, cadence, contact time, IPA” don’t mean much to you. They mean a lot to us and are key components in analysing your running. We are able to produce laboratory quality information both in side the clinic on a treadmill and also whilst you run outdoors. This is not usually possible however with ViMove technology we can now offer this. Coupled with video analysis of your running and detailed PDF documents, we are able to provide insights and solutions to your running issues.

Even if you do not have issues, it is recommended to have your running assessed. Running coaching is no different from any other sports coaching. We observe, identify, analyse and then intervene. It is a process that is proven through time and one that can result in improved performance and reduced injuries.

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Scott Tindal

Clinical Director

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