**WARNING** Sport is bad for you!


What?? sport is bad?

Every time that I go to the physio she tells me:  “You need to move!”

And now you’re telling me that it’s bad?!

Let me explain. Have you ever heard: “too much, too soon”?

Sport is actually the best thing that you can do for yourself, but in some cases, if you don’t pay attention to the signs that your body gives you, you may incur injuries. There is a fine line between sport giving you benefit, and sport that might cause injuries.

Training can be a slow process – where the body needs to adapt to every change in load/speed. If we do it too fast, without giving the right time to the body to adapt, we may develop a microscopic musculoskeletal lesion – that over time will cause injuries.

Some parts of our body might be more prone to develop injuries due to intrinsic factors, such as: muscle imbalances, inflexibility, biomechanical issues (e.g flat feet), or extrinsic factors like training errors, faulty techniques or incorrect equipment.

Is there a solution for all this? Should you give up training?

Yes, there is a solution and NO you do not need to stop training.

First of all, if you are an amateur, try to learn the right way to perform certain exercises from a physiotherapist or make sure that you have a trainer that checks if you are performing exercises correctly. Then try to follow these steps:

-warm up and warm down

-increase the rate no faster than a 10% increase each week

– Make sure you are using the correct technique

– use proper equipment (e.g. shoes)

-Listen to your body and if you start to feel aches and pains is the sign that something is wrong. Consult your physiotherapist before it gets worse!

– Identify the cause of your discomfort

Is any way I can prevent the injury happening?

Yes! In our clinic we can assess your posture and functional movements through 7 tests to identify the principal areas of your body that lack mobility, strength or stability. Once we identify which area needs attention, then we can give you a personalised program to fix, and improve that specific part of your body.

Train safely!!

Author: Laura Taurasi

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